Southern Cross Of Honor
Replica crosses for sale to put on Confederate soldiers' graves.

(Front)                                                          (Back)

After being painted black, (crosses are not prepainted)

The mold for these crosses is made using an authentic cross.
They are made from cast aluminum alloy; originals were iron.
Manufactured in South Carolina, using legal American labor, (Southerners)

Dimensions: 17" long by 11 1/2 wide

Weight: Approximately 2 pounds

Price: $35.00 each
(plus $10.00 shipping, continental U.S.)

(May avoid shipping charge by picking up in person....Laurens, S.C.)

Discounts available to SCV camps and for orders of ten or more


These crosses are being made available by the:

Brig. Gen. Samuel McGowan Camp #40
Sons Of Confederate Veterans
Laurens, South Carolina

Links                   SCV Camp 40

We are a 501(c)3 organization

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